"..to produce an album of this consistent quality is remarkable.

She is one to watch in 2017."

Fatea Magazine (UK) on "Warrior Talk"

 Linah Rocio  

was born in Santiago de Chile and later grew up in Hong Kong and Switzerland.

Her first love was Ballett. She started dancing at The Royal School of Ballett in Hong Kong at the age of six and was later forced to quit due to injuries.

Her dance training turned useful in her lead role as "Anita" in the musical "West Side Story", and she was shortly drawn to acting and dance again. Later she experimented with various styles, from funk and jazz to trip hop and electronic music and she performed and recorded with various bands and artists.

Following her passion for english poetry and prose she first studied English Literature at the University of Zürich but never finished and concentrated in songwriting instead.

2007 she gave her first concert as Linah Rocio at "Herbert" in Baden, 2008 she was invited to perform in The Mint and Industry Café in Los Angeles.

Her debut album "All About Secrets" (HRP, Irascible) was released 2010. The single Paris Mon Rêve was on air on various radios including the big national radio stations such as Radio Suisse Romande, SRF 1, SRF 2 & Radio Virus. TV Appearances (SRG and Servus TV) followed.

Her second album Warrior Talk was recorded during a longer period between 2013 & 2015. After concerts in London she was signed to Aveline Records in London - Warrior Talk was distributed and released in the UK/Ireland and Switzerland.

The album was well received and enabled Linah to tour in Switzerland & the UK (with Gitta De Ridder and Rosemary & Garlic).

Her latest release Armour And The Universe is a spoken word album and was inciated by Steffen Aaskoven, a fan of Gigi Masin, after discovering the original "Love Letter" from her first album on YouTube. What orignally was to be a featuring, turned into an Album - Armour And The Universe (Finland & Aaskoven Records ).

International collaborations include  Gigi Masin (Memory Records), Alvaro Alencar (13 Latin Grammys) and recently Steffen Aaskoven (Soundtrack for CSI, Oprah, Disney, BLiss DK, January Thompson) and Thor Finland (Café Del Mar, Rosa Lux, January Thompson ).

"Love Letter" from the album "Armour And The Universe" is featured on Chillronica No 6 from Blank & Jones.

On May 2017 Aargauer Kuratorium officially declared their support for Linah Rocio. She was given a grant (Atelier Aufenthalt) from July to December 2018 which enabled her to network, give concerts and most notably write on new material.

Linah recorded "Keep Your Grace" (EP) with 14 Latin Grammy Winner Alvaro Alencar.

Her Single I Was There was released

29th Nov 2019

The Burial feat. Linah Rocio

(Slow World's Holy Mother remix)

was released on 22 May 202O



17 JULY 2020